Competition Hall of Fame

Getting a qualifying Kaufinator ace will gain you entry into the Kaufinator Hall of Fame.

New! Acceptance into the Hall of Fame also makes you eligible to gain a seat on the Kaufinator Bounty Council.

$100 Competition Ace:

Must be over the current record, during a club, charity, or PDGA tournament or league.

$25 Competition ace:
An "Inside" competition ace is an ace that is short of the current record, but at least 204 feet and is during a club, charity, or PDGA tournament or league.

    This Hall of Fame category is for players that like competing in many events. It's an elite ace to get. For players that prefer more causal play we also have the Kaufinator Video Ace which you can get by yourself, during practice, or casual play.

    Current Kaufinator Competition

    Hall of Fame members 


    Dallas Hansen

    388 feet, $100 Competition Bounty Ace, Legend Rival, Hole 17, At the Salt Lake Open presented by The Looking Glass, Taylorsville, Utah on 7/09/2021


    Cody DeJong 

    376 feet, $100 Competition Bounty Ace, Legend Outlaw, Hole 6c, Royal Star South club league, Valley Regional Park, Taylorsville, Utah on 10/09/2020.

    363 feet, $100 Competition Bounty Ace, Legend Rival, Hole 13, Royal Star South club league, Valley Regional Park, Taylorsville, Utah on 8/23/19.





    Zach Fansler

    356 feet, $100 Competition Bounty Ace, 5 Year Cannon 3/17/19




    Ryan Ruiz

    320 feet, hole #2, Icon rampage, Kelly Ridge, Oroville, CA, Shasta Series event #7, 4/2/22



    Chris Nance

    285 feet, 

    $100 Competition Bounty Ace, Icon Fighter,

    Bowling Green AM Championships in Kentucky, 4/22/17


    Franklin Easterly

    278 feetIcon Outlaw, Spring Fling present by Spinners on the Green, Mesa, AZ, 10/20/19, Hole 4
    232 feet, Icon Fighter, 5:20 League, A-pad doubles round format, Rillito DGC, Tucson, AZ, 10/23/19, Hole 11



    Elijah Watts 

    278 feet, 1/24/2021, Shatter Pursuit, Bethel Park DGC, North Carolina, Hole 7E


    Erik Wilson

    270 feet, Icon Cannon, The Foothill Flyers Disc Golf Club Wednesday Night Tags league in Conifer, Colorado, 4/31/17



    Cody Haverland

    264 feet, $100 Bounty Ace, Pinnacle Rival, Thursday league at Vista Del La Camino Park, Scottsdale, AZ run by Spinners, 4/24/14
    Note: Cody is the only thrower so far that has his ace on Video and during a Competition


    Josh Reinaas

    264 feet, 6/14/2021, Mellow Mondays hosted by Disc Da U.P., Marquette, Michigan, Hole #16



    Thomas Rixford

    261 feet, Legend Fighter, 8/28/17



    Michael Carvalho

    261 feet, Legend Enemy, 3/20/19, Marymoore Searight Park, Austin Texas, Hole 10



    Nick Favara

    2x bounty ace record holder: 481 total feet

    260 feet, Sparkle Enemy, Veterans Park, 4/6/022, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas

    221 feet, Glow Clutch, Claydog Fahrenheit Fling, 7/24/16



    Eric Peterson 

    259 feet, Pinnacle Outlaw, Hole 1, Tuesday Handicapped League sponsored by Glide Disc Golf at Hiestand Park in Madison, Wisconsin on 6/30/2020



    Todd Farnham

    255 feet, Legend Cannon, Humpday Huckers league at Elstabrook Park in Milwaukee, Wisconsin 7/2/14



    Jason Deeds

    253 foot, Pinnacle Cannon, 8/4/17, Hole 2A, Santa Cruz DGC, Tucson, AZ
    236 feet, Pinnacle Outlaw, 3/11/18, Hole 18, Santa Cruz DGC, Tucson, AZ
    (See Video Hall of Fame for Jason's 3rd Ace)



    Joshua Caffey

    250 foot, Shatter Pursuit, 2/27/22, Hole 3, Abilene, TX, at the JohnE McCray Fundraising tournament


    Jordan Henderson


    242 feet, Gravity Ghost, Next Generation regional qualifier at Shoaff Park in Fort Wayne, Indiana, 5/28/17

    232 ft., Gravity Clutch, Memorial Hills, Huntington, IN on 10/10/17




    Michael Irion

    241 feet, Pinnacle Outlaw, Texas Chainwreck league at Veterans, 10/24/16



    Jeremy Stephens

    236 feet, Gravity Ghost,  Springfield Disc Golf Club League, 9/3/16



    Steve Kendrick

    235 foot, Legend Enemy, Bear Roots Disc Golf Bag Tag Monthly, hole 6 at Castoro Cellars Whale Rock DGC, 7/29/18.




    Steven Miller

    3 time record holder (1 Video Bounty Ace and 2 Competition Bounty Aces)

    • 234 feet, Icon Fighter, Santa Cruz DGC, Tucson Disc Golf Club Sunday Morning A League, Tucson, AZ, Hole 12, 7/29/18 
    • 209 feet, Icon Fighter, 9/10/18, Tucson Disc Golf Club Sunday Morning A League, Tucson, AZ, Hole 9





    Doug Lee-Sharpe

    Total Kaufinator Bounty Distance: 439 feet (2x)

    227 feet, Legend Gauge, 8/7/2021, Moccasin Creek, Elkton, Florida, Hole #9

    212 ft, Pinnacle Gauge, 6/11/19, Fore Palms @ Ed Austin Park, Jacksonville, FL.,  Hole 6





    Collins Nance

    221 foot,  6/3/19, Rivery Park, Georgetown, TX, Renegades Mini, Hole 3



    Michael Early

    219 feet, Icon Cannon, 1/14/16,Tucson Disc Golf Club's Thursday Groves League




    Scott McKenna

    209 feet, Icon Rampage, 8/27/17, Tucson Disc Golf Club Sunday Morning A League, Tucson, AZ, Hole 9




    Jason Taylor

    205 feet, Pinnacle Recluse, 5/1/2021, B.A.D. Saturday Freeday, North Carolina, Hole #14




    Chris Kaufmann

    204 feet, Icon Cannon, $100 Bounty Ace, Tucson Disc Golf Club's Santa Cruz Sunday A League, 11/17/13