Test Run Kaufinator Sublimation Hoodies and Short Sleeves

Kaufinator Limited Edition Full Sublimation Test Run

Introducing the new selection of high-performance apparel for Kaufinator.  Each available in two colors: Black & Grey and Black & Blue. 

Four featured styles:

  • Vortex Hoodie: Bold design on a lightweight, athletic hoodie. Made on a heavy DezTek fabric, it flows with great performance, and is much less bulky than a standard cotton hoodie. 
  • Vortex Short Sleeve: Combining the same bold design of the Vortex on regular DezTek fabric, it's perfect for those high-energy rounds.
  • Stealth Hoodie: Low profile front with big Kaufinator text on back, with the same material and performance of the Vortex hoodie. 
  • Stealth Short Sleeve: The lightweight version of the Stealth Hoodie. 

Production Run will start orders middle of April, 2024

Free shipping in the USA