2024-2025 Kaufinator Tags & Early Echo Disc Packages

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Welcome to the Exciting 2024-2025 Battle Tag Season!

Get ready to elevate your disc golf game with our brand-new Battle Tags and the exclusive launch of the "Early Echo" Kaufinator discs. This year, our vibrant orange Battle Tags are designed to inject an extra layer of competition and focus into your games.

Battle Tags: The Heart of Friendly Competition and Community Spirit

Battle Tags empower you to challenge other players locally and nationwide, enhancing the fun and excitement of your disc golf journey. They're the pulse of our community, fostering a spirit of friendly competition.

Special Launch at the 18th Annual Lemmon Drop 2024

Tags and our exclusive "Early Echo" disc launched this year's 18th Annual Lemmon Drop, proudly presented by Legacy Discs and Corbett's. Secure your order now to grab one of the first Early Echos available and the lowest available tag number. 

Introducing "Early Echo"

With this new season we are also launching our latest logo stamp "Early Echo," the latest in our series of stamp runs. This one's all about the visions in your head becoming reality on the course. You know that premonition of the perfect throw? Whether it's in your days before, or sometimes when you step up to the tee pad. That's the essence of "Early Echo" – like a reverberation of the future as you step up to play the hole.

"Early Echo" is more than just another disc in your bag; it’s the sum of strategy, concentration, and the excitement of chasing those Bounty Aces. Whether you're aiming for the win at your next tournament or looking to smash that perfect ace on video, this disc is designed for precision and the rush that comes with ace running and spending time on the course.

Choose Your Disc Mold and Plastic Type

In the drop-down menu, simply select the name and mold of the disc you prefer. This streamlined process ensures you get exactly what you want without any confusion. Pricing varies based on the plastic type:

  • $25 for Gravity/Protege & 2024-2025 Battle Tag
  • $30 for Icon/Pinnacle & 2024-2025 Battle Tag
  • $35 for Glow/Legend/Shattered & 2024-2025 Battle Tag

One Disc Per Person

Please note that only one disc per person is allowed for the pre-order. If you're ordering multiple (i.e. for you and someone else), please include their name(s) in the notes.

Free Shipping

All tags and discs include free shipping.

FIrst time getting tags?

Pick the Life Tag option, if you are new to Kaufinator, and we will also send you your Life Tag. You will receive the next lowest available. We are almost to 700 players and still growing.

Lost Your Life Tag?

No worries! Simply message us, and we'll custom order a replacement for you.

Join the Thrill of the New Season!

Order your 2024-2025 Battle Tag today and be part of the exciting disc golf journey ahead. Whether you're a seasoned player or just stepping into the community, we welcome you to bring your best game to the course.

We want to hear from you – what are your honest first thoughts on the "Early Echo"? Does it strike a chord with you? Let us know!